Find your style!

As a qualified personal shopper, colour adviser and style coach, I will give you advise on your personal clothing style and wardrobe organizing system, helping you to match accessories according to your outfit. I could also provide you with information about the best colour decisions for special events, weddings, galas, traveling etc.


~ you will learn to buy things because of their quality and not the price
~ you will stop overbuying items
~ it will lift up your self-esteem
~ it will create harmony in your room
~ you will learn to find the best combinations, colours and accessories according to your outfit

"But the main reason for why I do this, is to help you find your happiness through an organized system so you feel more confident and satisfied in your daily life and activities"

What KIND OF SHOPPER are you?

  • rappid shopper
  • the emotional shopper
  • the shopaholic
  • the sales junkies
  • the free lover
  • the perfectionist
  • the returner
  • social shopper

Find your style

There is always time to start feeling organized, but discovering what your style is, you will gaia more confidence during your daily activities.

So give yourself a chance to Start.

- Classic
- Informal
- Extravagant
- Delicate
- Trendy
- Business