Image consulting can help you to combine clothes, to find pieces that express your style and add value to your body!


Wedding: this is a very special occasion that usually requires a coaching service to make this day even better, it will be unforgettable for you, your family and your friends.

Bride Coaching: to find out what is your style, to buy the dress and accessories. Suggestions for post ceremony dress and trips. Suggestions for hair style and make up.

Price per hour: 400 SEK / minimum 2 hours.

Group/family advice: if you wish to have a group session for a party, travel, marriage or just to organise you clothes at home, I will be happy to give you the best guidance and support.

The best way to do it in a group session is to meet for a minimum of 3h. So I can explain and help each person of the group.

I will include advice about the colors that suits your best and teach you how to identify what to wear daily.

* Time schedule can be arranged and adjusted to give you the best support.