My goal

My work is adjusted to your lifestyle, personalized and will grow with you according to your age and reputation changes over the years. Your wardrobe will then consist of the best quality clothing using your available budget. The point of wardrobe planning is to have less clothing, and make you more fashionable.

So give yourself a chance to START!

You will gain more confidence during your daily activities.

My gol is to show people that it is possible to become organised while discovering your personal clothing style.

My interest for wardrobe organizing and personal shopping started while I was living in Brussels. I had decided to expand my knowledge on these topics in Syntra, a college which provided various technical courses, such as wardrobe organizing and personal shopping. I got more and more involved in this fashion world as I went along with this course, until I felt like I was ready to share this information with people having trouble finding their own style and organizing their closets.

There is always time to start feeling organized, but discovering what your style is.